Bronies and Pegasisters: the Subculture World of My Little Pony 
Bronies…Pegasisters…? Have you been living under a cultural rock?! It’s the massive subculture of the most diehard My Little Pony fans--specifically the newest version of the cartoon, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic . Anyone can be a “Brony” or “Bronie” (bro + pony), but some females identify with their own group: Pegasisters (Pegasus + sister).

(note: above images from our book catalog, while the fandom typically surrounds the updated television series)

In its newest version (starting in 2010 and currently in its third season), producer Lauren Faust wanted to create a cartoon that didn’t fall back on the blatant sexism that the older versions had. The girls, aka the “mane six” ponies, would no longer be limited to only “girlie activities.” These ponies go on dangerous adventures, deal with difficult “frenemies,” and battle evil. But what about the guys? The “man-ponies?”

Some call the new show out on sexism… but this time towards men. There are three male pony characters, but none with any personality to speak of. This makes this statistic all the more interesting; 86% of Bronies are found to be men. There was even a MMO (massive multiplayer online game) for about a year or two for My Little Pony, but it seems the people running it had some “internal issues,” and have since disbanded. But, you can still keep up to date with other games, community issues, toys, etc. on Equestria Daily .

Why are people so crazy about it? What is the appeal? Is it funny in an ironic way? Sometimes, but not always. I really want there to be more to it, but my research has concluded with this simple answer; it’s cute… and funny, and that is why Bronies exist. Men (and women) are getting very serious about this cutesy bubble gum world of enchantment and magic, and don’t seem to be afraid to embrace their younger, more feminine side--and let the whole world know it.

Shining example here: this is the punk rock band Neigh Slayers, who are all men who look to be around 18 . And, if you want more stats on Bronies, check out Brony Study (that’s where my statistics came from).

-Lynette, Teen Services, Shawnee Branch

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