Teen Tech Tip of the Week #13: Cloud Computing 
Ever forgotten your flash drive or wish you had an easy way to access all your documents without the need for physical storage? This week we we learn how cloud computing provides you with full access.

Cloud computing is a term that means the use of computer resources that are accessible from a network. For our purposes, that network is the internet.

Use of a cloud drive allows you to easily store and access your calendar, text documents, pictures, videos, and music files from devices with an internet connection. Storing your files in a cloud gives you ease of access, allows for easy disaster recovery, and makes sharing more simple. All of the cloud drives below require a user login, but are free.

Google has a full suite of cloud applications for your computer or Android powered device:
Drive upload or create text, spreadsheets, presentations, and artwork
Picasa upload and share all of your photos
Google Play take your music, eBooks, and eMagazines on the go

SkyDrive is Microsoft's cloud drive that allows you to keep Office files and your photographs at your fingertips anywhere you go.

iCloud is Apple's cloud computing service that allows you access to files, photos, apps, eBooks, and music with your computer or iOS.

Drop Box works like any other file folder on your computer, except that it syncs with all other computers or devices that have your drop box, including your online account.

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