Dust Off Your Dancing Shoes: National Dance Day is Coming! 
Are you the first one on the dance floor? Have you been wanting to learn some new moves? Get ready to show off your best dancing skills because National Dance Day is July 27th. The Dizzy Feet Foundation is sponsoring this day-long dance marathon, and their website has some great videos of dances you can learn choreographed by the cast of So You Think You Can Dance?

Your Dance Routine

The Dizzy Feet Foundation would also like you to upload videos of your own dance routines to their website and show America how you like to celebrate National Dance Day.

Where can you find music to create your awesome dance routines? At your local library of course! Did you know that all of our branches have popular albums by artists such as Ke$ha and Justin Timberlake? Whether you like to pop, shuffle, or pirouette, we have the music you need to choreograph the next dance craze.

For your ballet and jazz routines, you can take advantage of the libraryís free music streaming service Naxos, which offers more than 82,850 CDs that feature classical and jazz music if hip-hop and popping just arenít your style. You can even make themed playlists of your favorite dance music.

Take some time this summer to celebrate National Dance Day and get moving! Also remember that the library has a lot more to offer than books. We have a great selection of music including some artists that may surprise you!

-Lynn Johnson, Childrenís Services Supervisor, Westport Community Library

Those guys did great, it really looked good when they did it with the music!!

the first dance move is cool!


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