Discovering Hope: a Summer Book Review 

Shawn Goodman’s Something Like Hope is a beautifully sad story that captivates its readers. Its main character, Shavonne, can only be described as interesting. She is often conflicted by determining the better option: right or wrong. And she usually opts for wrong.

As a confused teen girl who is locked up in a mental institution, she feels as if wrong is the only option. She is close to being released and simply does not want to be. The hospital is all she knows. It is her comfort zone, and she has no desire to step out of it. That is until she meets Mr. Delpopolo. He’s her new therapist and the only one who does not hold her situation against her. He treats her like a person and not a patient.

Can Mr. Delpopolo get her to open up about the secret that is consuming her? Is he able to convince her that she deserves happiness? Freedom? Love?

-Alexis, Children and Teen Services, Okolona Branch

olivia mcelvaney 
maximum ride by james patterson was a great story with lots of action and a little bit of romance. max is didnt get the ideal childhood but it helped her survive. tey need her and she needs him . ari is her brother and its crazy cant wait to read the next

I would really like to read this book

Dacia Berry 
i have scene this book before and some of my friends have recomended it to me. I think that this book will tell many interesting parts of this girls life and will be a book that I will like. When I get the chance i will pick it and read it.


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