Teen Survivor Night is Going to be a Blast! 

Friday, June 14, 6-9 p.m. Main Library, 301 York St.

Join us for the 3rd annual Survivor Night at the Library, featuring: Mad Science, Chain Reactions, Catapults & Tower Building, Scary Stories, Kitchen Science, Michael Jackson’s Thriller... and a whole lot more!

The event is free - click here to register. Ages 12-19.

Aubrey Stamper 
I wish i could go but i cant but i bet it it is really fun. i love science!!!!!

That sounds like alot of fun i will totally be there those science progects sound so cool

Vladimir CHipman 
Oh man that souns like fun! i am defenitley going to be there

that is one awesome party

These activities sound like a blast! Hope to be there and learn new things and have fun as always! :)


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