Announcing Teen Summer Reading 2013: Reading is Elemental 

From June 1st through August 10th, 2013, teens grade 6 through 12 can participate in the library's summer reading program.

All participants who complete the program will receive the following:

  • Free Messenger Bag
  • Free passes to the KY Science Center, Locust Grove, Rauch Planetarium, Lousville Bats Baseball game, Squire Boone Caverns
  • Free class at Hwang's Martial Arts
  • Free Frosty from Wendy's
  • Free Lemon Ice from Fazoli's
  • Free passes to select UofL sporting events

All completed participants will be entered into our grand prize drawing for a chance to win:

  • $100 gift card to Barnes & Noble Book Store
  • Netbook Computer
  • UofL Football Tickets

To complete the summer reading program, teens need to fill out and return the summer reading form after reading 6 books,eBooks, magazines, or graphic novels and completing 1 activity (such as attending a library program or commenting on our Teen Blog). Forms may be picked up and dropped off at any LFPL location during our normal operating hours. Click here to find a branch near you.

For a full list of teen programs, click here .

i really love reading and this program has really inspired me to check out books i never thought i would have read!!! i love the program and do it almost every summer. it also gets younger kids reading because of the different prizes and i think that is great!!!! i love to see younger kids reading and improving their comprehension skills. i also think it inspires older kids like us to read and read and reach certain goals we have set for ourselves. i love reading and would like to thank the libraries for all they do to get kids out there and start reading!!!!! :)

I really love books

I normally do not enjoy reading but the summer reading program makes it fun

I really love this program.Its a summer program that i think everyone should try.If they like reading books.

I agree with Pranav, this program does help teens like us to reach certain goals, also this program helps your mind to have an imagination, because when you read your mind paints the picture for you, and you actually understand what your reading. So I believe every teen should be in this program!.

im reading an awesome book

i havent actually started on this. but it seems very fun, and helpful.!

I like the summer reading program because it rewards me for reading new and interesting books. There is so much knowledge that I gain by doing the summer reading program. I recommend the teen summer reading program to anyone that enjoys learning about new interesting topics.

I really like the idea of this!!! I think it will help kids keep their reading comprehension skills up and have fun with it. I am just starting now, but I am really trying hard to read all 6 books. I think I am going to read some new books on my kindle!! Thank you LFPL for giving all teens an opportunity to read and earn prizes!!! :)

I think that this program motivates teens like us to reach certain goals.

I am reading the re-done Nancy Drew books . I used to think they were lame but the ROCk !!!!!!!
The re-done ones have 25 chapters, the old ons have 20 , and the new ones have 12 chapters .


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