Off to College?  
Going off to college for the first time can be exciting and scary! Here are a few books that can give you some advice.

There are also lots of great novels about college life.

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Are you getting ready to go to college? What adjective would you use to describe how you feel? If you aren't there yet, how do you think you will feel when it is your turn?

Cool! Awesome Books!

Shanira Crosby 
I can't wait to go to college so i can study psychology.

Malcolm Jones 
1 more year of high school and then i'm off to college. Im happy, sad, anxious and just a mix of emotions. Wfter high school, you basically start a new life on your own without your parents always being there. Lets just say that its going to be a wake up call.

Olivia B. 
I can't go to collage yet, but my sister just got her masters degree at UofL

Its really cool to see all these people go to college I cant wait till i can

naphia gendemeh 
i really like the teen summer reading program its realy cool and helps me with my reading

Samantha Mullins 
Only 3 more years 'till college for me; I feel a weird mix of anxiety and excitement!


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