Minty Boost  
We will be doing the Minty Boost program on June 12 at the Iroquois Library for Teen Tuesday!

Teens had fun while learning how basic electronics work at the Teen Outpost Highlands/Shelby Park Library. They made a simple USB charger from an old mint tin and a few spare parts.

Were you there? Add a comment below and tell us what you thought about it.
Did you miss it? Check out our online calendar for upcoming teen programs.

Wow thats fun but i think it looks hard. I cant believe it really works with just some household objects

too cool i need to make one

wow this is really cool!

I can't wait to do this it seems super awesome :D

kooool looks fun

I did this and this was really fun. We had a drawinf for 2 of them and i won 1 of them! I dont have n I pod but my grandpa could use this instead of me.

Omg! This is so cool I wish I knew how to do that! Its amazing that you could build something with very simple things. Thumbs up to who ever made this cool invention!

Melanie Filippone 
Wow o Wow o wow o wow o wow!!!

Seems Hard!

Wow this gadget is really cool, i want to try it at home. SUPER Creative!!!

The things you can make with just simple wiring, batteries, a usb cord, and a tin can. This is unbelievable.


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