Do you have the Hunger Games blues?  
Check out these great Dystopian Reads!

Try out the Matched series.
Having the society rule your life... marriage, death, birthday...not exactly the ideal life!!!

Matched is really interesting. In this book, the Society controls your life. I would never like that, luckly its not real.

Try the daniel X series very good series. very suspenseful and creative

Try the Divergent series! I don't know how many books there are but the first one is one of my favorite books! I think that the second one is called insurgent but don't quote me on that.

Try the Matched trilogy as well as the Maze Runner trilogy, sequel to Matched is Crossed, and the third and final book is coming out this summer. For the Maze Runner series, the prequel is the the Kill Order, and the sequel is Scorch Trials and the final book is the Death cure!! Really quick reads.


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