Teen Talent Showcase Auditions  

HEY that sounds kinda cool i should try that :) i play piano and sing

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A lot of fear of a ChuangHuZhi, as long as there is a little courage will find that they are ineffective.

I used to sing in my school chior at Noe MS (I'm moving to HS now), and when i was in 7th grade, the 8th graders I had to sing in front of kept telling me that if I sang out louder and didnt get so nervous, I could go far with my voice..but I don't think i could be able sing infront of a random crowd :(...

Melanie Filippone 
I have been told multiple times I can sing Awesome but i am to shy last time i did a talent show I did good but i was sweating and shaking and itching and my legs started to get weak soooo I dont think i will be doing it :(

I can sing pretty well but too scared for talent show


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