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Justice Donloe  
I think this summer reading program is a great way to motivate kids to read over the summer break and occupy them. I had lots of fun doing it.

Jimmy Thompson 
I think that it is a good way to let the teens who are reading to reflect on what they have read.

sheriah harris 
hey everyone

I loved it and am so siked for he new year

Emma Proietti 
The summer reading program is awesome! I'm glad there's a motivation for kids to read in their spare time. I enjoyed it a lot!

Hope Antkies 
The teen reading activity is an awesome way of reading more. You get the benefit of learing and imagining with books, plus you can get really cool prizes for reading them!

Sierra Myers 
I love the summer reading program, it is a great idea for kids to be occupied in their summer break. I have plenty of fun reading and completing activities!


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