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Crocodile Tears

Crocodile Tears
By Horowitz, Anthony
2010-11 - Puffin Books
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A charity broker/con artist raises millions of dollars in donations and invests them in a form of genetically modified corn that has the power to release an airborne strain of a virus so powerful it can knock out an entire country on one windy day. The antidote? Alex Rider. …More

First Strike

First Strike
By Higgins, Jack
With Richards, Justin
2010-06 - Putnam Publishing Group
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Higgins' action-packed adventure series featuring two regular teens comes to a close in this exhilarating thriller. Set in Washington D.C., the fast-paced narrative gives readers a captivating behind-the-scenes glimpse into America's capital. …More

The Long Way Home

The Long Way Home
By Klavan, Andrew
2010-02 - Thomas Nelson Publishers
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Charlie West went to bed one night an ordinary high school student, but when he woke up, he was a hunted man. Terrorists are trying to kill him. The police want to arrest him for the death of his best friend. With his pursuers closing in on every side, Charlie makes his way back to his hometown to find some answers. …More

The Way of the Sword

The Way of the Sword
By Bradford, Chris
2010-03 - Hyperion Books
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Jack Fletcher is shipwrecked off the coast of Japan, his beloved father and the crew lie slaughtered by ninja pirates. Rescued by a legendary master swordsman and brought under his wing, Jack begins the grueling physical and psychological training needed to become a samurai. …More

The Atlantis Complex

The Atlantis Complex
By Colfer, Eoin
2010-08 - Hyperion Books
9781423128199 Check Our Catalog

In this seventh adventure in the blockbuster series, an army of fairy space probes has returned to Earth reprogrammed to destroy Atlantis--and only Artemis Fowl can stop it. …More


By Patterson, James
2010-03 - Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
0316036196 Check Our Catalog

On a trip to Africa, Max and her Flock meet a mysterious billionaire whose intense scrutiny of the Flock makes her fear the worst. Then canny birdkid Angel makes a dire prophecy about Max's soul mate: "Fang will be the first to die." Max's desperate desire to protect Fang brings the two closer than ever. …More

Max Cassidy: Escape from Shadow Island

Max Cassidy: Escape from Shadow Island
By Adam, Paul
2010-03 - Walden Pond Press
0061863238 Check Our Catalog

A mysterious man shows up after one of Max's shows, telling Max not only is his mother innocent of his father's murder, but his father is still alive. A slip of paper with eight digits leads Max from London to Santo Domingo and the impenetrable fortress on the sinister Isla de Sombra. …More

The Genius Wars

The Genius Wars
By Jinks, Catherine
2010-09 - Harcourt Children's Books
9780152066192 Check Our Catalog

Boy-genius Cadel Piggot has a new name (Cadel Greenaius), a new family, and a new life. But when his best friend Sonja is attacked, it's up to him to figure out who was behind it. …More


By Stratton, Allan
2010-03 - Harper Teen
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Life's not easy for 15-year-old Sami Sabiri, especially as the only Muslim kid at his private school. And when Sami catches his father in a lie, everything he's ever known comes into question. …More

Remote Control

Remote Control
By Heath, Jack
2010-01 - Scholastic Press
0545075912 Check Our Catalog

Agent Six of Hearts, 16-year-old superhuman, is on a mission. His brother Kyntak has been kidnapped. A strange and sinister new figure is rising in power. Six is suspected of being a double agent. The Deck has been put into lockdown by the Queen of Spades. A mysterious girl has appeared who acts as Six's guardian angel. Who can he trust?

As the clock ticks steadily against Kyntak's life, Six of Hearts is on the run: from his past, from his fellow agents at the Deck, even from his own DNA....