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Poop Happened!: A History of the World from the Bottom Up
by Sarah Albee

Everybody poops, and this non-fiction title suitable for 4th grade and up teaches the reader all about bodily functions and the history of sanitation.

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This Book MIght Make You Gag: A Collection of Crazy, Gross Trivia
by Connie Colwell Miller

Not to be read before eating, these facts about all things gross might make you lose your lunch. You've been warned!

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Dirty Gert
by Tedd Arnold

Eating dirt has unexpected consequences as Gert sprouts leaves and becomes a tree. Will she ever be normal again?

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Yummy, Yucky
by Leslie Patricelli

You will laugh out loud in this entertaining introduction to things that should and should not be eaten.

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by Ruth Brown

Covered in warts and slime, Toad glides through the swamp looking for tasty bugs to eat. What he doesn't know is that he is about to become a meal himself.

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Why Feet Smell and Other Gross Facts About Your Body
by Jody Sullivan Rake

Learn facts about the body and bodily functions that you never knew and may have been too afraid to ask.

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My Little Sister Ate One Hare
by Bill Grossman

A girl will eat just about anything, as long as it isn't nutritious food!

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Dirt Boy
by Erik Jon Slangerup

When Dirt Boy becomes unrecognizable and mistaken for a monster, a bath is finally in order and long overdue.

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Walter the Farting Dog
by William Kotzwinkle

Walter farts morning, noon, and night much to the dismay of everyone around him, but he discovers a way to put his gas to good use!

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by Matthew Van Fleet

This interactive book shows the silly traits of many animals, including burps and sneezes.


Last Updated: 2/25/13