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Under the Bed
by Paul Bright

Imagine monsters under the bed who turn out to be afraid of YOU!

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The Crow (a Not so Scary Story)
by Alison Paul

Beautiful images illustrate how a child mistakes a crow for a king, a robber, a wizard and a pirate.

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The Bravest of the Brave
by Shutta Crum

Walk through the forest as a little skunk encounters scary, night creatures.

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Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
by Alvin Schwartz

This spooky collection of stories from American folklore will keep you up at night!

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Wolf's Coming!
by Joe Kulka

Forest animals hurry to hide inside as wolf makes his way through the woods. Shh, are you ready for the surprise ending?

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Scary Stories for Campfires
by Sterling Publishing

If you dare, read this under the stars and by the light of the campfire. But be prepared to stay awake all night!

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The Zombie Nite Cafe
by Merrily Kutner

A child stumbles across the Zombie Nite Cafe, filled with scary creatures, late one night while walking the dog.

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The Scary States of America
by Michael Teitelbaum

A collection of short stories from every state, ranging from the paranormal to wild urban legends.

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Trust Me, Mom!
by Angela McAllister

Ollie is finally allowed to go to the store alone. He must prove his confidence when scary creatures appear.

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A Very Hairy Scary Story
by Rick Walton

Sarah runs home through a very, hairy, scary night. Her imagination runs away with her until she is rescued by Dad.


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