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What if You Met a Pirate?
by Jan Adkins

This non-fiction title looks at the daily life of pirates. From using small, fast ships to braiding each other's hair, this fact-filled book includes great illustrations.

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Pirates Eat Porridge
by Christopher Morgan

Set sail for Itchy Ear Island to search for treasure with Billy, his sister Heidi, and a pirate who shows up at their door. Be sure to look for the hidden details in the illustrations by Neil Curtis.

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See-Through Pirates
by Kelly Davis

Take a look at real pirate life on the ocean. You will find maps, legends, and facts all about pirates.

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Captain Raptor and the Space Pirates
by Kevin O'Malley

After pirates raid the planet of Jurassica and steal the Imperial Palace jewels, Captain Raptor and his crew go on a chase through space. This graphic novel will delight even the youngest of space and pirate fans.

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Pirate Girl
by Cornelia Funke

Molly has been kidnapped by the fiercest pirate gang on the seas! But she is not a well-behaved captive. Soon she is rescued by the firecest pirate of all - her mom!

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Pirates Past Noon
by Mary Pope Osborne

Jack and Annie find themselves on a deserted island, and then are captured by pirates. Can they escape?

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Roger, the Jolly Pirate
by Brett Helquist

Roger is not very good at being a pirate but becomes a hero when he accidentally cooks up a ghost that scares off a pirate's worst enemy.

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Shiver Me Letters: A Pirate ABC
by June Sobel

Captain Croc and his band of animal pirates journey to find the alphabet. Rhyming text adds to the delight of this unique ABC book.

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Captain and Matey Set Sail
by Daniel Laurence

When given a treasure map, Captain and Matey have to decide what to do once they find the loot. Can these true friends ever agree on anything?

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The Golden Age of Pirates: An Interactive History Adventure
by Bob Temple

Choose between 3 story paths and 14 endings in these short and easy pirate adventures.


Last Updated: 12/18/09