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Bridget Fidget and the Most Perfect Pet!
by Joe Berger

Bridget desperately wants a pet unicorn. When a box arrives for her, she thinks she knows what it is.

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Critter Sitter
by Chuck Richards

Henry's first pet-watching job is filled with antics.

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I Know an Old Teacher
by Anne Bowen

A teacher takes the class pets home for the weekend, but ends up eating them!

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Good Dog, Aggie
by Lori Ries

Young dog owners will love the adventures of this disobedient dog.

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Abe Lincoln Loved Animals
by Ellen Jackson

Visit Lincoln's gentle side by reading about his many pets.

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by Gillian Shields

A goldfish who can catch sticks, climb steps, and wag its tail? A young boy really wants a dog, but his mother gets a goldfish instead.

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We Can't All Be Rattlesnakes
by Patrick Jennings

A gopher snake is accidently mistaken as a rattlesnake.

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The Class Pet from the Black Lagoon
by Mike Thaler

Imaginations run wild when Mrs. Green announces the arrival of a class pet.

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Pets at the White House
by Marge Kennedy

This non-fiction book takes a look at famous presidential pets.

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Duck and Cover
by Jackie Urbanovic

An alligator is on the run from authorities for eating a girl's pet dog.


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