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The New Totally Awesome Money Book for Kids (and Their Parents)
by Arthur Bochner

Learn about the basics of saving, investing, working, and taxes in this guide designed for kids ages 8-14.

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Getting Down to Business: A First Guide to Earning, Saving, and Spending Money
by Lorraine Horsley

Spending money is the easy part, but earning and budgeting it is harder.

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Arthur's Pet Business
by Marc Brown

Arthur wants a puppy, but must first prove he can be a responsible pet owner.

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Uncle Jed's Barbershop
by Margaree Mitchell

Uncle Jed saves for years so that he can open his own business. His dream is finally realized when he turns 79 years old!

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The Lemonade War
by Jacqueline Davies

Learn marketing terms in this chapter book about having a lemonade stand.

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Alexander, Who Used to be Rich Last Sunday
by Judith Viorst

It is harder than you think to stretch a dollar. Alexander learns a valuable lesson about saving money, and so will you.

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In Business with Mallory
by Laurie Friedman

Mallory devises ways to earn money so that she can buy the perfect purse.

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Bunny Money
by Rosemary Wells

Max and Ruby can't agree on a present for Grandma. Readers follow their spending and decision-making as they take a trip to the mall.

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The Get Rich Quick Club
by Dan Gutman

With the help of her friends, Gina devises a get-rich-quick scheme but discovers there are more important things than money.

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A Chair for My Mother
by Vera Williams

A family saves their spare coins in a jar. When it is full, they plan on replacing their old chair which was destroyed in a fire.


Last Updated: 9/15/09