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Igraine the Brave
by Cornelia Funke

While their castle is under threat of attack, Igraine's parents accidently turn themselves into pigs. She must find the secret ingredient to turn them back, then save the castle.

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The Kiss That Missed
by David Melling

The king's goodnight kiss misses the prince and flies out the window. The not-so-brave knight must chase it through a forest filled with spooky creatures like bears and wolves. Will he find it?

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The Princess Knight
by Cornelia Funke

When Violetta's father holds a tournament offering the winner her hand in marriage, what else can Violetta do but win the tournament herself?

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The Tale of Sir Dragon: Dealing with Bullies for Kids (and Dragons)
by Jean Pendziwol

Bystanders do nothing to help a dragon being bullied by a knight. Then the dragon's friend steps in and teaches the knight that it is OK for everyone to play no matter what color they are or how big they are. You will learn strategies for dealing with bullies.

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The Camelot Spell
by Laura Gilman

When all the adults in Camelot fall asleep under a spell, Gerard, Ailis, and Newt must rescue Merlin so he can break the spell.

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Happy Birthday, Good Knight
by Shelley Thomas

Three little dragons have a hard time trying to make a special birthday surprise for a friend and end up making big messes. Their friend, Good Knight, lends a hand and all ends well.

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Horace the Horrible: a Knight Meets His Match
by Jackie Koller

Uncle Horace tries to comfort his homesick niece by slaying a dragon and rescuing a damsel, but still she cries for her father. Finally, she lets him know that all she needs is a hug.

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Boogie Knights
by Lisa Wheeler

Seven knights decide to join in the fun at the Madcap Monster Ball. Beautiful illustrations depict many creepy characters dancing the night away.

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The Bravest Knight
by Mercer Mayer

Travel back 1,000 years with a boy who wishes to be a squire to the bravest knight. He meets kings, queens, dragons, and a troll. Will living that long ago be all that he's hoped for?

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Medieval Knights
by Jim Whiting

This non-fiction title explains the path to becoming a knight, describes armor and tournaments, and even has directions for making a shield.


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