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Under the weather? Feel better with these great stories! Click on a title to see the call number and check the catalog for availability.

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Harry Goes to the Hospital: A Story for Children About What It's Like to Be in the Hospital
by Howard Bennett

Follow Harry through his ordeal of getting sick and staying in the hospital. At first, Harry is overwhelmed by the experience, but eventually adapts with his mom's love and support.

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Judy Moody, M.D./The Doctor is In!
by Megan McDonald

Judy's class is studying the human body and she is excited about being a doctor when she grows up. She takes care of her brother when he gets tonsillitis, but then catches it herself!

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Running out of Time
by Margaret Peterson Haddix

In this gripping novel for grades 4 and up, Jessie believes that she lives in 1840, but is actually being held captive in a historical village in the year 1996. When disease strikes the village, it is up to Jessie to escape and get help.

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Rick is Sick
by David McPhail

When Jack the Rabbit goes to play with his friend Rick the Bear, he finds his friend under the weather. Jack tries many things to help Rick feel better - just the way a good friend should.

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Ida B:...and Her Plans to Maximize Fun, Avoid Disaster, and (Possibly) Save the World
by Katherine Hannigan

When Ida's mother becomes ill, her once perfect, home-schooled world is turned upside down. Ida hardens her heart and becomes angry at the world.

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Felix Feels Better
by Rosemary Wells

Oh no! Felix ate too much candy and stayed up too long past bedtime. His mother takes him to see Dr. Duck, who knows just what Felix needs to feel better.

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Guess Who, Baby Duck!
by Amy Hest

To help pass the time while Baby Duck is sick, Grandpa shares a photo album of her as a baby. This special time with Grandpa also makes her feel better.

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Bear Feels Sick
by Karma Wilson

Good friends are just what Bear needs to help him get over his fall cold. When his friends get sick, Bear helps them get well, too.

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A Cool Moonlight
by Angela Johnson

Nine-year-old Lila has a disorder that makes her super-sensitive to sunlight and only able to go out at night. Through her vivid imagination, she eventually accepts that she is a special 'moon' girl.

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How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon?
by Jane Yolen

This is a how-to (and how-not-to) behave book for when you are sick.


Last Updated: 4/27/11