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Book Jacket

by Sandra Alonzo

If you're a horse owner or just someone who loves horses this book is for you. Enjoy beautiful and imaginative poetry accompanied by breathtaking illustrations and horses of all shapes, sizes, and colors.

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Same Old Horse
by Stuart Murphy

Three girls frolic and dance before bed, imitating animal constellations.

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The Perfect Pony
by Kimberly Bradley

Katie has always dreamed of a pony of her own. When it finally comes time to meet him, she discovers that her pony might not be the sleek, perfect pony she had imagined.

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Are You a Horse?
by Andy Rash

Roy has been given a saddle for his birthday, but there's one problem: he doesn't have a horse. And even worse - he doesn't know what a horse is. Follow Roy in his comical adventure to find a horse to ride as he visits many creatures that will be both familiar and exciting to children.

Book Jacket

by Malachy Doyle

Beautiful oil illustrations depict a mother horse getting ready to have her foal.

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Anna's Prince
by Krista Ruepp

Anna has a very special horse, and now that he is finally four, he is allowed to ride him. It will take some time for both of them to get used to riding.

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The Wild Little Horse
by Rita Gray

Little Horse longs to explore the world around him, and the wind beckons him to go on an adventure like never before.

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All the Pretty Little Horses: a Traditional Lullaby
Illustrated by Linda Saport

This lullaby is paired with beautiful and soothing pastel illustrations.

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Let's Try Horseback Riding
by Susa Hammerle

Rebecca is having a birthday, and the one thing she wants most is a horse and riding lessons! As soon as she wakes up on her birthday, she receives carrots as a present and a card for ten riding lessons.

Book Jacket

by Nicola Smee

Join Cat, Dog, Pig, and Duck as they climb on one-by-one and beg to ride again and again on Mr. Horse. Toddlers will love the repetitive rhyming text and beautiful illustrations.


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