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Tyrannosaurus Drip
by Julia Donaldson

Confusion ensues when a duckbilled dinosaur is raised by tyrannosauruses.

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Could a Tyrannosaurus Play Table Tennis?
by Andrew Plant

This book presents an alphabet of dinosaurs and preposterous questions to ponder.

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Tyson the Terrible
by Diane Fox

Tyson has a terrifying reputation among his playmates. Will they want to be his friend?

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Dino Pets
by Lynn Plourde

Shopping for a new pet, this young boy is disappointed when all the dinos he brings home are too big to fit in the house.

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Small & Deadly Dinosaurs
by Brenda Lewis

A nonfiction book describing predatory dinosaurs.

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Dinosaur vs. Bedtime
by Bob Shea

Dinosaur battles many foes, but can he win the fight against bedtime?

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I'm Bad!
by Kate McMullan

Tyrannosaurus brags that he is bad, but he might not be as bad as he thinks.

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How Do Dinosaurs Go to School?
by Jane Yolen

A humorous story describing dinosaur's first day of school.

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Gorgonzola: a Very STINKYsaurus
by Margie Palatini

A kind bird helps Gorgonzola learn good hygiene to fight his D.O. - dinosaur odor.

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Dinosaur Tracks
by Kathleen Zoehfeld

A nonfiction book about fossil tracks and how scientists discovered them.


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