Information Services

Copying, Faxing and Mailing Policy

Although the library does not offer a fax machine for the general public, in order to answer simple information requests, many library materials can be copied and faxed or mailed to patrons with library cards for free.  If a patron requests that materials be faxed or mailed long distance, there is a charge of 10 cents per page plus a $3.00 handling charge for mailing.  These charges will be applied to the patron’s library account.  For questions requiring extensive research, patrons are asked to visit a library where library staff can assist them.

In the Main Library’s Job Shop, faxing is free for job-related faxing of resumes, applications and related documents. 

If you live outside of the county and are seeking Kentucky History of Genealogical information, please click here.

Last Updated: 01/18/2011