Frequently Asked Questions for eBooks at the Library

What formats are available?

Do I need special software on my computer to download Library eBooks?
Yes. Personal computers or portable devices require free software available through the Library’s website.

Do I need a library account to access eBooks?
You may search as well as view a free preview of most eBooks. However, to borrow eBooks, you will need a library card. For information on getting a card, click here.

How long does it take to download an eBook?
Download time depends on the file size and connection speed. You will see an estimate when you start the download.

Can I read eBooks on portable devices?
Yes. Digital items are compatible with a wide range of portable devices.  For a list of compatible devices for eBooks, click here.

How many titles can I check out simultaneously?

How long do eBook titles check out?
Maximum checkout period is fourteen days. You may choose a shorter borrowing period if you prefer.

Can I renew eBooks?
Yes. If there are no holds on the title, it may be renewed one time. Click here for more information.

Can I place a title on hold?
Yes. You can place up to three titles on hold at a given time.

How will I be notified when a hold is available?
Once the title becomes available for check out, you will receive an email indicating the title is ready.  If you do not have automatic checkout turned on, this email will contain instructions on checking the item out. If three days (exactly 72 hours) elapse from the time you receive the notice, and you have not yet checked out the title, it will return to the library's collection. If you have automatic check-out turned on, you will receive an email notifying you that the borrowing period has started and the title is ready to be downloaded. Click here for more information.

Can I check out and download eBooks to public computers at my library?
OverDrive Read users can check out and read books on the public computers. Kindle users can browse, check out, and download eBooks from public computers at the library. WiFi enabled mobile devices can use the WiFi at the library to browse, check out, and download eBooks. Users of other devices can browse and check out eBooks from public computers, however security on library computers will not allow downloads.

How do I return a borrowed item?
You do not need to return a borrowed item. Once the lending period has elapsed, the title is automatically 'returned' to the library. Although the file(s) will remain on your machine, the file(s) will no longer be accessible.  However, if you finish the eBook sooner, return it early in order to check out another title (see below).     

Can I return a borrowed item early?
Yes, eBooks may be returned early.

Are downloaded files automatically removed from my computer when the checkout period expires?
No, you must delete them.  

Can I download eBooks to a Mac?
Yes, OverDrive Read is available for Mac browsers. Mac computers are also compatible with the free Adobe Digital Editions software and OverDrive Media Console available through the Library’s website.


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Last Updated: 2/23/15